How We Maximize Your Legal Dollar
When it comes to litigation, people rarely agree on anything
except that it can be expensive.

In making the decision to hire a lawyer, value is more important than pure cost. If you hire an incompetent but inexpensive lawyer, you might not get the results you want. Incompetent lawyers can, in the end, be more costly, because if cases are not moved along quickly and aggressively, they can languish in the court system, causing more court appearances and therefore higher legal fees, not to mention frustrated clients!

At ContiLaw, we are very sensitive to the costs of litigation and have developed specific firm policies that help our clients save money on their legal services without compromising quality of service, attention, and aggressive representation. These policies will help ensure that you get the most value for your legal dollar.

1. We create a litigation plan
After we listen to the facts of your situation, we discuss your goals with you and set forth your options.
We then create a game plan to resolve your case. This includes what actions we are going to take and the approximate time lines for doing so. Of course, plans can change depending upon developments down the road, but having a plan keeps the client and lawyers on task and deadline. In creating the litigation plan, we assess all options fully. We look for the most direct way to get your case to resolution—whether by negotiation and settlement or hearing and judgment. We take only those actions necessary to obtain the result.
2. We staff your case correctly
Litigation can be like a roller-coaster.
There will be times when a significant amount of legal resources are required and times when things are quiet. The lawyers at ContiLaw recognize that a lean legal team is more efficient and provides better value. If a paralegal can perform a task, there is no reason that a lawyer should do it. It makes no financial sense. However, when it comes to the important tasks in handling your case, the primary attorney should and will handle it.
3. We have a large bank of materials that will avoid reinventing the wheel
Because our lawyers have decades of experience, they have acquired a reserve of documents, briefs and other legal writings that can be used to formulate filings in your case.
This makes the process of drafting much less expensive as there is no reason to recreate something that we have already done successfully.
4. We encourage the client to assist in the process
Most clients want to be involved in their litigation.
So, we put them to work! If the client is so inclined, we have them help compile documents, charts, and exhibits used for hearings. This is a great way for the client to give input, maintain control over the process and save money in the long run.
5. We communicate frugally
One of the more frequent complaints from people is that their lawyers don’t communicate.
The entire staff at ContiLaw fully understands that clients need to be informed about the status of their case at all times. And while all attorneys are always available for prompt communications, sometimes it is more efficient for a staff member to call or email a client. This will save the client significantly.
At ContiLaw, we understand that the litigation process is stressful–and cost only adds to that stress. We are driven to achieve excellent results in the most efficient way possible.