Business Law Frequently Asked Questions
 Karen is a seasoned veteran dealing in difficult situations and finding favorable outcomes where the parties refuse to cooperate. She is pleasant and refreshing to work with and is credit to her profession. 
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Business litigation is any matter that arises in the course of business, such as employment matters, contract disputes, real estate litigation, fraud, insurance coverage, defamation, and other work and commerce-related issues. If you have any questions about whether ContiLaw handles your type of case, please call or fill out the New Client Questionnaire form on this site (Click the button below). If our Firm does not handle your type of case, we will to try to find a competent and trusted lawyer in the area who can handle it for you.
The Firm’s founder, Karen Conti, has been a litigator and trial attorney for more than 32 years and has litigated and tried hundreds of cases in front of judges and juries all over the country. The types of cases have been varied and range from the simplest contract breaches to the most complicated insurance coverage disputes and everything in between. Karen’s trial skills are finely honed and have resulted in exceptionally positive verdicts and settlements. Karen is known for being prepared, experienced, and persuasive, and, as a result, Karen’s clients have returned to her throughout the years in times of legal need. Karen is also a creative and aggressive negotiator, which has produced excellent results for her clients who want their matters resolved outside the courtroom. See Karen Conti’s accomplishments under our All Bios page.
What is your general strategy in resolving business disputes?
The first thing we do is to listen to your issue and understand the nature of the dispute and your specific goals in resolving it. We give you our opinion on legal options and chances of being successful. We agree upon a game plan. We put that game plan in writing so that both lawyer and client understand what we are doing and why. We then execute our plan in the most direct way possible. We explore settlement if the case requires it. If settlement is not an option, we aggressively and efficiently move the case towards resolution using the tools of litigation, being prepared, persuasive, and diligent. At every step, the client is kept informed and is actively included in decision-making and strategy.
I would like a consultation with an attorney. Can I get one free of charge?
Yes. If your case is the type that our Firm handles, we will gladly consult with you free of charge to give you an idea of what your issues will be and how our Firm would handle your matter.
The Firm requires payment of an initial retainer to secure the services of the Firm. Our attorneys bill for the time actually spent. There is a set hourly rate for each professional that is tied to his/her level of experience. Each month, the client receives a bill detailing the work performed, the professional who performed it, and the length of time it took to complete the task. The Firm has numerous methods to maximize client legal fees. For more details, click the “Maximize Your Legal Dollar” button.
What is a retainer and how does it work?
A retainer is paid by the client to secure future billing by the attorney. The amount depends upon the type of matter and the anticipated time that it will take to handle it. The attorney bills by the hour and, every month, the client receives a bill for services rendered. That amount is then deducted from the retainer until the retainer is expended. Depending upon the progress of the case, the attorney may request another retainer.
What is the process to retain ContiLaw?
A client must sign the Firm’s standard engagement agreement which plainly states the terms of our relationship. Once the retainer is received, the Firm’s representation will begin.
How long does it take to resolve a dispute and how much will it cost?
There is no set time for a dispute to be resolved. Much depends on how complicated the issues are and whether the parties are willing to engage in settlement discussions. Mediation and settlement conferences are great tools that can be used to move the process along. Our Firm prides itself on moving cases forward as quickly as the court system allows so that your dispute is resolved with excellent results as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.
Can my dispute be mediated?
Yes. Mediation is an excellent process to resolve disputes. Mediation is a confidential process geared toward minimizing conflict and allowing the parties to control the resolution of their disputes. Rather than having a judge make decisions or rulings, a neutral person facilitates the parties in reaching an agreement. Generally, you will retain an attorney to advise you of your rights prior to engaging in mediation. Karen Conti is a certified mediator and can be retained to mediate your dispute or to advocate for your rights prior to and during the mediation process.
Do I have to come to your office to meet with you?
Not necessarily. In many circumstances, we are able to meet with you at a location near your home or workplace. We regularly practice in the collar counties and can arrange to meet with you at a place and time that is convenient for both of us. Much of what we do can be done via communications over the telephone and email. Personal meetings with clients are always scheduled at the convenience of the client, whether that is after business hours or during the weekends.
In what counties does ContiLaw practice?
Our attorneys practice in Cook County, including the branches in Rolling Meadows, Skokie, Maywood, Bridgeview, and Markham and the Domestic Violence Court. We also practice in DuPage, Lake, Will, and other counties, depending on the circumstances.
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